Night Shelter Practicalities (3)

Dear Volunteer

Thank you for expressing a desire to volunteer in the Ferndale Baptist Church Winter Night Shelter. In order to me to produce a rota and establish communication channels, please provide the following information:


Telephone (home and mobile):

Email and website:

Church (if applicable):

Referee (name and contact):

Please indicate the slots when you are available. Depending on who else is on duty and what you can offer, you will only be called on for some of the slots you indicate (for later in the season you may not yet have that info so let me have when you do). We envisage at most volunteers doing two shifts maximum and not more than every other week.

5/12 12/12 19/12 26/12 2/1 9/1 16/1 23/1 30/1 6/2 13/2 20/2 27/2 6/3 13/3 20/3 27/3




Indicate which jobs are you available to do and comment if you feel it will help:

Cooking evening meal

Overnight sleeping

Preparing breakfast

Administering sleeping arrangements

Meet & greet

Registration and admin

Talking to guests

Tidying up and setting up, as and when

Just being helpful

Is there anything about your circumstances we need to know about (please elaborate)?

Are there any skills (e.g. first aid, mental health) and interests you can offer (please elaborate)?

Any other comments?

Once again, thank you for offering to help in this worthwhile undertaking.

My intention is to send all volunteers relevant info about volunteering and regular weekly updates by email as that is the most efficient way of communicating, but do feel free to contact me if you have concerns or need to communicate.

John Barber

Ferndale CWNS Manager

Telephone: 01702-616302



(you might like to cut and past the relevant info, add your details and send to me in an email if you haven’t done so already)


One thought on “Night Shelter Practicalities (3)

  1. Roald Øye says:

    I am a retired high school teacher in Norway, who is impressed by your endeavours to help the miserables in your community. Roald Øye

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