God’s Not Dead

At last I have got round to seeing a film, long on the top of my “to see” list: God’s Not Dead. I was not disappointed, but I was a little surprised because it wasn’t quite as I expected.

While some of my Christian friends have been raving about this film for a while, there were others who felt it was a bit corny, and a few nerdy types, who think theologically (not too many around but I know some and am one) who felt the apologetic aspect, when defending the notion, God’s Not Dead, was rather weak. A few felt that many of the characters were stereotypical and superficial.

Having just watched the film, I still feel a buzz and my spirits have been lifted. I did enjoy the film, but it was a bit corny and the apologetic aspects could be improved upon. However, beginning to address Big Bang and Darwinian evolution theory, Richard Dawkins versus John Lennox assertions and counter assertions regarding this question, and the whole problem of evil that has long exercised the greatest human minds, I found to be more than a little helpful.

Before viewing the film, and having checked out the trailers, I was given to understand it was about an atheist philosophy lecturer who insisted his class sign a paper to the effect that God is dead. When one student refused, he was challenged to a series of debates in the philosophy class regarding the existence of God, with, one is led to expect, because it is a Christian film, the student coming out on top.

While this was the central story line, there were many sub-plots, which I found credible, thought provoking and often heartwarming, well complementing the main.  While there was room for in-depth character development, what I saw resonated with situations I have encountered in real life. This is not the place for spoilers, and I would suggest to folk that they go and check out the film themselves.

I will heartily recommend this film to anyone, believers and non believers. I am delighted that a film of this quality has made it to mainstream cinemas, given its strong Christian message, and this deservedly so. For me, in spite of its flaws, including some of the associated commercialism I find distasteful, and a fundamentalist bias, this film is as good as any recent release that I’m aware of!


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