Red October revisited and reflections on the 2022 US “Mid Term” elections

Red October revisited and 2022 US “Mid Terms” reflections

On the last day of September, I wrote my blog titled: “Red October and the arrest of Trump”. I have, since then been reflecting on something that is well related: the 2022 US mid term elections.

Near the end of that article, I wrote “I have made a note in my diary to blog on the progress of above predictions, whatever the outcome, doing so in the knowledge God is in full control and not beholden to man’s timing, realising I have made the mistake in the past by believing that things will happen according to how I think they should and forgetting that God moves in mysterious ways and what He does is always best”. Today, a little later than planned, I deliver on that promise, and take the opportunity to comment on the results of the US Mid-term elections that took place two days ago, with most of the State results now in. Some argue, given the stakes are so high, these elections they thought might never come, are important regarding the direction the US and the world takes.

Regarding the “predictions” (not mine but seemed feasible) listed in my article, many have yet to come to pass, including the “arrest of Trump”. I have learned the hard way that making accurate predictions when it comes to significant world events is often nigh impossible, especially when it comes to setting times for said events to occur, citing the wisdom of the poet, Longfellow. As for “The Hunt for Red October (a great film btw) with some having suggested a sub-plot:The Hunters become the hunted” As for Trump, he has the measure of the army of bad guys wanting to get him out of the way (one reason why those predictions were plausible and some now are happenings in progress), not that we can rely on the “Unholy Trinity” (government, media, elites) to tell us. I am even more confident he is on course for a remarkable come back as people come to see the bad guys for what they are.

So, most of the results are now in, with the Republicans set to regain Congress by a small majority and the Senate race going neck and neck. I confess, when I read the BBC headline, on Wednesday morning, reporting the Democrats had won the Pennsylvania Senate seat and the “Red Wave” that pundits (left as well as right leaning) predicted not materializing, my initial response was disappointment, not that I am Republican in my political affiliations. I believe US politics, like UK politics, is rotten to the core and that includes those on the right as well as the left. As for the current situation, the BBC is right to report: “US inches toward Congress result as last votes counted and “US elections: Biden hails better-than-expected midterms results”, with expected updates by the time folk get to read this.

There are a range of perspectives out there (optimistic and pessimistic; approval and disapproval) and I have had to ration my reading and watching to check out and report on those I deem most significant. A lot of this is from alternative media given often the “Unholy Trinity” lie. Interestingly, many of the people who share my views, when it comes to calling out the evils of the Biden regime and the Democratic party (and the RINO Republicans if I may add) besides recognizing that amidst the, on the surface, disappointment of the predicted “Red Wave” not happening (at least as far as the rigged system goes), there are examples in the election aftermath giving cause for hope and optimism. Here are a few I found helpful:

The Morning After – What did you expect?

This article begins reflectively, on an optimistic note: “Well, how did the mid-terms go for Patriots yesterday? As of this writing it is still early in the process. I know many of you are VERY disappointed. I have been in the chat rooms and I have had conversations with fellow patriots. Let’s be honest, many expected a “bloodbath” for the Democrats. We had people in our echo chambers telling us it would be a “red tsunami.” I know for me personally, there are parts of it that really upset me. However, in times like these I try to imagine what Rush Limbaugh would be saying. I can almost hear phrases like, “Listen folks, I know how some of you feel and I get it, but this is what they do” or something like “this is not over by a longshot people; if you think this is good day for Democrats then I got news for you.” Can you hear it? I know I can. We knew the Democrats were going to cheat. We knew that! How much and to what extent they were able to cheat this time was always the question. And even though our red tsunami was once again thwarted by election fraud, this is not good for Democrats”.

Prophecy Progress Update 26: Mid-term election VINDICATES prophets and this blogger!

My fellow watchman and blogger, Richard Barker has, like me, been following and posting on the 2022 US Mid Terms. He provides a near unique perspective in tying in what we are seeing with what some of the political prophets have been saying, arguing what we see and what they say are wholly consistent.


Evangelist Mario Murillo begins: “Many are stunned and confused by the results of last night’s election. But, take heart child of God. We won some important victories and we learned some valuable lessons. You will notice that I never predicted a red wave. I sought God realizing how profound the corruption is in our nation. I knew how deep the roots of iniquity lie in our system of Government. The machinery that wins elections in say Pennsylvania are far more intricate and powerful than we imagined. That is why Democrat candidates avoided debates and even campaigning. And they certainly felt no need to field quality candidates. I knew that, and because I knew that I was gratified to see how many victories we won. A cheap victory now would have blinded us to the depth of the problem. We needed to have our eyes opened. We needed to see how big the monster is so we truly reform America. At the end of the election last night I breathed a sigh of relief. Because I believe we won more that we should have expected …”


This is a straight down the line video that provides commentary and analysis on what has been happening these past three days along with reasons for encouragement in the light of the result.

Roger Stone Lays Out the Silver Lining of This Election

Unsurprisingly, Alex Jones and Infowars have been providing extensive coverage of this election – and I am not ashamed to say, notwithstanding his beef about the bad guys and election fraud etc., his analysis is often spot on. Roger Stone, a political operative that goes back to the time of Nixon, and who has been round the block a few times, provides helpful analysis and provides cause for hope.

As the dust starts to settle and outcomes in certain “swing” states are delayed, concerns and claims of Alex Jones, and many others, including Trump (but not it seems the Republican establishment), that yet again there have been shenanigans and fraud are being raised and hopes the system will be cleaned up following the 2020 fiasco have yet to materialize – which brings me back to my earlier Red October post that behind and in front of the scenes something major is happening that is soon set to break.

When it comes to hope, since the beginning of human history, good people, far better than me, have had to live under oppression, where the bad guys appeared to be and were calling the shots. While it is not an understatement to say we live in REALLY interesting times and when it comes to one of my recent seminal blogs: “Great Reset, Great Awakening and Great Deception, I hope and expect some form of Great Awakening to take place soon (even before the Lord returns to Planet Earth), when the bad guys will be taken to task, wrongs are put right, with the good guys vindicated, and the gospel is powerfully preached.

Like Daniel’s three friends, who chose to do what was right and trust God in the face of death, it is not my place to preempt what God has intended, but we need to put our trust and hope in Him, come what may, and heed the words of the Psalmist:


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