What happens when a British MP speaks out against vaccines

What happens when a British MP speaks out against vaccines

I Think You Ought to Know I’m Feeling Very Depressed’ – a quote by Marvin the Paranoid Android, from a favourite book of this blogger: “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

Do bear with me for the above meme but this reflects how I felt when I read the article that went with one of yesterday’s BBC news headlines: “Andrew Bridgen: What has suspended MP said about vaccines?”, which begins: “The Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has been suspended by his party after comparing the side effects of Covid vaccines to the Holocaust. In a tweet – which he has since deleted – he claimed that an unnamed cardiologist told him it was “the biggest crime since the Holocaust”.” The article continues but consistent with its vaccine related stance, the BBC were typically unsympathetic. I suspect Bridgen could have been wiser in making his points, like when comparing death by jabbing with went on in the Holocaust, but then he was raising valid concerns. My depression includes the people we elect are mostly unprepared and unwilling to voice them in the UK Parliament, where such concerns should be raised. Him being accused of being antisemitic (see meme below) was a disgraceful lie. “A statement by Andrew Bridgen MP” articulates well what his position is.

Checking out my alternative and social media sources, I found a Matt Hancock twitter comment relating to his question to Prime Minister Sunak: “The disgusting and dangerous anti-semitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories spouted by a sitting MP this morning are unacceptable and have absolutely no place in our society” and an anti-Hancock response pointing to the irony of the pot calling the kettle black, including mention of how he managed the scamdemic when Health Secretary, including sending the elderly and terminally ill into care homes with life ending medication, calling him a murderer etc. Further support for the MP included a call: “With news this evening that Andrew Bridgen has been thrown out of Westmonster for voicing his very valid concerns re the tox shot, it would be great if you could lend him some support for putting his neck on the line and speaking up.”

Another Twitter comment was from a Dr Aseem Malhora:We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death” posted by an anti-jab friend on her Facebook page. This was quickly pounced on by their omniscient arbiters of truth, adding their customary fake news warning, pointing to where they thought the truth lay: “the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines outweigh their risks“. I couldn’t resist chipping in on one comment on this, typical of what many “normies” are thinking: “The consensus appears to be that while this is true, catching covid itself can cause the same effect, therefore the vaccine reduces your overall risk”. My response read: “sadly the consensus is wrong. I note the omniscient fact checkers have been out with their false info message, which if nothing else shows how people have been brainwashed. Millions die avoidably as a result of taking the poisonous shot, but the truth shall come out and truthers like Dr Aseem and *** will be vindicated – but at what a cost!My friend who posted Dr Aseems tweet then responded with a link to video titled “Elementally Evil Institutions”, adding a comment: “really quite unbelievable that any human could sanction this. They have lit gone mad, trying to control us into taking their arm juice. The US govt suing a doctor for half a trillion dollars for pushing Vit D/Zinc”.

I could go on but I have said enough to support why all this is very depressing. There is a lot I don’t know and given lack of time, discipline (recording, documenting and fully verifying my sources etc.) and brain capacity, I am not likely to this side of the grave as the unholy trinity of media, government and elites continue to brainwash the masses into taking the shot (despite, and I have lost count of the number of times, credible sources pointing to the net harm done if folk follow this advice / coercion). Of course, we need to base opinion on fact etc. but sadly we are discouraged from raising concerns. Meanwhile the likes of MP Brigden and Dr Aseem (and many doctors prepared to speak out) take flak and worse for asking pertinent questions in the pursuit of truth and the spineless, lesser of two evils, major UK (Tory) political party go along with the ******** and the just as spineless opposition (Labour) prefer to indulge their wokeism rather than bringing the powerful to account.

I suspect my fictional hero, Marvin, did not defer to the Almighty when he was feeling depressed. If he had, he might have been told that his job was to be faithful, pursue truth and let God do the rest. Meanwhile, those who have woken up to concerns over taking “vaccines” could and should raise them, even if doing so with a heavy heart, given truthers pay a heavy price for doing what sets humanity free and loved ones suffer and die due to taking the jab.


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