The Indian variant of you know what

The Indian variant of you know what

(“you know what” to avoid the attention of Facebook’s omniscient fact checkers)

In recent weeks I have been asked by well-meaning friends concerning the welfare of my Indian family and friends, particularly in the light of recent increase of Covid-19 cases in India.

In case people don’t know and at the risk of sounding like a rewinding gramophone record: I believe Covid-19 to be real; the distress caused to those who have succumbed to “the virus” is real (as well as the rest of us who have been affected), but the measures taken generally, globally to be disproportionate and the net effects of modern vaccines meant to give us immunity is not only NOT positive but is likely to be harmful, and PCR and similar tests are likely near to useless. For some nefarious reason, to be exposed, e.g. the Dominic Cummings revelations, the UK government in cahoots with the normal suspects are intent to add fuel to the fire of Project Fear. I am not going to discuss these points here as I have already given my view (see my blog). I am skeptical any Indian variant is significant, other than in prolonging the nightmare.  

But India is a land, along with its 1.3 million inhabitants, that I have a lot of time for. It is where the majority of my family live; over the umpteen times I have visited since 1983 I have made many friends, and it is place I love to visit although unable to do since last year because of the lockdown measures taken because of Covid-19. While I don’t follow mainstream media much (for reasons given in my blogs) I am aware of the related concerns, arising partly out of communications from friends and family. I also note that the Indian variant (that is denied by the authorities – see meme below) has been added to the fire of Project Fear mongers e.g. mainstream media, and interestingly begun when a million (some reckon) protested in London against vaccine passports, and unsurprisingly not reported. I note many have succumbed to the narrative that given the India increase in cases we had better watch out and I note at least one friend has cancelled his holiday plans on the back of these reports. While I take most government statements with a pinch of salt, I notice this pertinent one by the Indian government:

About my family (which is large), some have been diagnosed with Covid-19 but as far as I can make out, they are now ok (at least as far as the disease goes). That is NOT true with my friends – some have died during the period, and from what I can make out – some was Covid related. In my early Indian visits, I got to know three Indian pastor / evangelists: Sathianesan Mathew, Babu Henry and P.D.Joshua – with one of them and the spouse of two of them dying in the past month. Whether of Covid I don’t know (and don’t care), although I think two cases were Covid related. I say this for two reasons: firstly to answer the question often asked and secondly to balance the view that I am about to share with the fact, while not affected physically, personally, I am affected deeply, emotionally.

Is India worse than any other country, with respect to the interpretation of statistics assuming these exist? Are the measures Indian authorities have taken (and sometimes these are more excessive than here in the UK) the right ones? What bearing does the Indian system have, e.g. systemic corruption is rife, genuine shortages e.g. oxygen and lack of infrastructure e.g. for carrying out funerals, good medical care being at a premium and weighed toward those who can afford it and alternative medicines, not pushed by Big Pharma, like hydroxychloroquine, much more widely available and used that in the UK, on what is happening. I believe India has been so badly hit of late, partly because people are generally suffering from immunity deficiency due to lack of vitamin D and due to underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

I don’t purport to have all the answers. While I do not dismiss real concerns (I fully expect Indian friends reading this to take me to task) I do not believe the Indian situation to be any worse or better than the UK and hope soon we will know the truth, especially when the good version of the Great Reset (discussed in yet another blog) happens. Also, for those inclined to pray, please do so for the people I mentioned above, especially for those pastors / evangelists often at the front line of helping those in need, for there to be government that has the wisdom and the will to do the right thing and stand for truth, and for outsiders who wish to help to do so appropriately.


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